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Terms & Conditions

TERMS – Net 30 days on approved credit. Past Due Account: Add 1 1/2% per month.”For Your Convenience” Clay & Bailey now honors Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express

DIRECT SHIPMENTS to JOB SITE / THIRD PARTY – When requested to ship product to a location other than the Purchasers address, a $50 Net Charge will apply in addition to any other applicable charges.

FREIGHT POLICY – Clay & Bailey will pay the freight charges on orders totaling $3000 NET in value. The $3000 NET value threshold applies to individual orders and Blanket order releases shipping to one location (Not the Total Blanket Order Value) Clay & Bailey reserves the right to select the method of shipment and carrier to handle the freight. If the method of shipment requested is other than standard delivery, extra freight charges may apply. Handling charges may be added for UPS shipments. Due to the volatility of fuel and transportation costs, fuel surcharges or other costs will be added to prepaid shipments. Manhole #’s 544, 546 and 650 and the Reverse Flange Manways are excluded from this policy. They are F.O.B. our facility (KCMO) regardless of the order quantity.

EXPEDITED SHIPMENT REQUESTS – New Orders requesting same-day shipment will be charged $100.00 NET. This charge will be added to the cost of the freight and products.

ROUTING – Orders will be routed as requested when possible. However, we reserve the right to ship at our discretion.

MINIMUM INVOICE – No invoice will be rendered for less than $50.00 Net, plus shipping charges, if applicable.

PRICES & PRODUCT DESIGN – ALL PRICES and PRODUCT DESIGN are subject to change without notice. Possession of this price sheet does not constitute an order to sell.

RETURN GOODS POLICY- No material is to be returned without our written permission. When permission to return materials is granted, all transportation charges are to be prepaid and a normal 25% handling charge will be assumed by the customer. Credit will be issued based on price in effect, or purchase price, whichever is lower. All material must be in first class saleable condition and credits will reflect a deduction for any original freight allowance. In special cases we reserve the right to increase the percentage of handling charges. We do not purchase surplus inventories.

SPECIAL MERCHANDISE – Merchandise other than advertised will be subject to receipt of a signed written order and shipment immediately upon completion. Cancellation will be subject to the cost of material, tooling and labor involved.

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATIONS, DRAWINGS – Requests for MTR, Testing Certification, Drawings, Design or Engineering time will be considered. A fee for this extra service will be issued.