Solo Overfill Prevention Valve (1228)


Product Description


The SOLO is a 3″ fill #01228-03-2001 or 4″ fill #01228-03-2000. Designed for large AST’s where high GPM flow rate is required. The SOLO has a flow rate of over 300+ gpm at 40psi with a unique 2 stage shut-off of fuel. The first shut-off point is set at the required capacity and the second stage shut-off point allows the delivery hose to be drained. The SOLO installs thru a manhole cover, and can be adjusted for various shut-off capacities. For special chemical applications, consult the factory for availability and compatibility.

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Recommended Accessories:

AST Spill Containment Box
AST Pressure/Vacuum Vent
AST Emergency Vent

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Chemical, Regular


3″, 4″


Solo Overfill Prevention Valve (1228)