8″ Thief Hatch, Round


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Durable relief valve designed for storage vessels requiring pressure and vacuum venting.  An 8″  dead weight cover opens completely, to allow for high venting capacity. Standard settings are  2 oz pressure and 0.4 oz vacuum, with other settings available.  The #54 can be ordered with bolting or welding base. Flange hole pattern complies with API bolt circle dimensions.  Standard gasket is neoprene, other gasket materials available.

Bolt Pattern: (16) – 1/2″ dia holes on a 10 3/8″ B.C.

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2oz Lid Assembly, 2oz Pressure, 2oz Weld on collar, 3oz Pressure, 4oz Lid Assembly, 4oz Pressure, 4oz Weld on collar


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8″ Thief Hatch, Round

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