01228-03-3524ALL OP VALVE


Product Description


Designed for AST’s requiring high GPM flow rate, but only having a 4” NPT opening.The C&B 01228-03-3524ALL has a 3” fill and easily installs in a 4” opening. Flow rate is over 300 gallons per minute at 40 psi. The C&B 01228-03-3524ALL is rated for fuel delivery up to 100 psi and provides positive fuel shut off at high fill rates. Entirely mechanical in operation, the C&B 01228-03-3524ALL can be used in remote fill applications, retrofitted to an existing AST. The 3″ NPT fill opening allows easy connection to piping or cam fitting.

Can be used in gravity filling installations as no minimum operating pressure is required.

Clay & Bailey Overfill PreventionValves can be used in a variety of Aboveground Storage Tank Equipment installations where reliable fuel handling petroleum equipment is required.

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