COVID-19 Letter 3/23/2020

March 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

State-wide and national containment actions surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic continue to expand and change each day. Clay and Bailey Mfg. Co. is obligated to make every effort to protect our employees, their families and our community, while providing the emergency critical business services our nation requires now.

This letter is to inform you that based on the guidance from the Department of Homeland Security found at;

Clay & Bailey Mfg. Co. is considered an Essential Critical Infrastructure Supplier. We manufacture emergency generator accessories, oil and petroleum production equipment and products for the food supply chain that support National Defense, municipalities, GSA, and preservation of life.

As such, we have a “special responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule”.

Currently, our office, manufacturing and warehouse are completely staffed and we have seen no issues with employee health, or receiving and shipping orders.

Clay & Bailey is “Open for Business” and will stay that way until further notice!

We will get through these challenging times by working together.


Thank you for your business.

The Senior Leadership Team