Clay and Bailey Mfg. Co. Mentorship Program

< JMoore-200x256 John Moore

Clay & Bailey has recently launched a mentorship program to develop its next generation of leaders. To facilitate this program, Clay & Bailey has retained John Moore with Moore Strength ( According to Moore, the program he has developed for Clay & Bailey is multi-faceted, “together, with the individuals involved, we identify areas for potential growth and develop a learning and mentoring plan specifically targeted to their goals.”

The plan follows a 4-step process that Moore calls ARTT:

  • Aware—staff members become aware of the part they play within the organization as well as what they’re contributing or missing;
  • Reflect—upon strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement/development;
  • Target—key competency/improvement opportunities;
  • Try—out new approaches.

Staff members participating in the mentorship program represent a wide array of Clay & Bailey departments from customer service to human resources and sales.

“We are committed to growing Clay & Bailey and believe investing in our younger staff members is the best way to ensure we remain competitive and successful for years to come,” said John Patrick, Clay & Bailey president.